Crowd Funding Site Opening for Women in Horse Industry

The Women’s Horse Industry Network, a worldwide business network for women, has announced a crowd funding site for women working in the horse industry.

Like many of the crowd funding sites, individuals and corporations can make contributions to the women listed on the site. Each woman seeking funding will offer rewards based upon the amount of the contribution. The rewards will range from identification on their websites, social media exposure, hats, t-shirts and equity in the business.

This is the brainchild of Catherine Masters, the President of the Women’s Horse Industry Network. “There are nonprofit rescues, startup companies, manufacturers, racehorse owners, breeders, entrepreneurs, riding schools, equine health professionals, dressage riders, rodeo riders, etc. who are seeking capital. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle of the other massive crowd funding sites, I thought it made a lot of sense to isolate these fund raising efforts so that more people would know about them and be able to contribute. I have no idea how the public will respond to it but it’s something I thought deserved a try,” she states.

She is also hoping that the women who are participating this year at the Triple Crown races will get some media attention and help shine the light on the fact that there are a lot of women working in the horse industry.

Women who are involved in the horse industry seeking funding are invited to visit our website at or call WHIN at 615-730-7833 to sign up.

Sometimes, because there is so much out there on the internet, finding what you need is challenging. By “narrowcasting” she is hoping she can do for the horse industry what cable did for the television industry.

To find out more about the Women’s Horse Industry Network, please visit or call 615-730-7833.

Catherine Masters
WHIN, Inc.

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