Chester Weber Wins 2010 Four-In-Hand Garden State Driving Event in New Jersey

Combined Driver Chester Weber continued his winning streak in New Jersey, capturing the Four-in-Hand Garden State Driving Event in Allentown. (Photo courtesy of

Allentown, NJ (June 11, 2010) – Chester Weber continued his long running winning streak in New Jersey, capturing the 2010 Four-In-Hand Garden State Driving Event Championship. As the eight-time United States National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champion, Team Weber cruised to victory in all three phases of the Garden State event, a selection trial for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky this fall.

“The event went really well and the entire team, both people and horses, seems to be in top form leading up to WEG,” Weber said, adding that the heat and humidity did play a factor, especially for Reno, his six-year-old leader who seemed to have a hard time with it.

Despite the weather, and footing that wasn’t ideal, Team Weber triumphed over 10 other four-in-hand teams, finishing with a score of 116.64 penalties while runner-up Josh Rector finished with a score of 140.67. Jimmy Fairclough, who has long been Weber’s top competition, went off course in the cones phase and was eliminated.

Following his Garden State win, Weber said he believes his team is ready for WEG. A veteran of two previous World Equestrian Games, Weber’s goal is to win two medals at WEG. Although Team Weber was in top form in New Jersey, Weber didn’t bring his top string to the Garden State. He competed Boy, Para, Reno, Horus du Bois and Grumus, while superstar Rolex remained in Florida to rest.

“This was a great event for my less experienced horses. Boy is usually a marathon leader and at Garden State we used him in the wheel and we also used Horus in the wheel. Reno was in the left lead all three days,” Weber said. “I believe there is about 10 points’ difference between my top team and this group on a good day for both of them. The speed and power from Rolex was missed in the wheel and Boy’s alpha leader work was missed. When he is in the lead, I can think it and he makes it happen and Horus follows him. With Horus and Reno we missed an alpha leader.”

WEG 2010 will take place September 25 – October 10 in Kentucky and will mark an historic event as it will be the first time WEG has been held in the United States. For more information on WEG visit their website at For more information on Weber and his combined driving team, visit their website at

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