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François-Xavier Boudant Has the Greatest Victory of His Career So Far

The Norman, who was the first double clear in the class, went into the lead and held on to his pole position.  With Brazyl de Mezel, the rider made light of the fences and the time before an enthusiastic audience.

This Sunday, thirty-six competitors took part in the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE’s 4* Grand Prix. The sun was shining, the grandstands were packed, and the audience was enthusiastic.  And rightly so.

The first round, designed by France’s Grégory Bodo, was a technical one, but was “built with the horses in mind” as Philippe Rozier, the French team gold medallist at the Rio Olympics, highlighted during the course walk.  Number 4 which was a plank was undoubtedly decisive in the class and alone was knocked down by thirteen riders. The time allowed was also played a significant role, penalising Ireland’s Stephen Moore, who had a superb clear round in terms of jumping with Albert K, but unfortunately was too slow when he crossed the finish line. France’s Mégane Moissonnier with the powerful Cordial and Argentina’s José Maria Larocca (Jr) with Finn Lente suffered the same fate.

France’s Cédric Hurel and his fantastic Fantasio Floreval Z, who are in great form this season, got the ball rolling with the first clear round. Jeanne Sadrann, the young French lady rider, and Vannan immediately followed suit, and thus ensured that there would be a jump-off. It appeared that there would then be a series of clear rounds as Normandy’s François-Xavier Boudant and Brazyl du Mezel also qualified for the jump-off. But the first round wasn’t that easy. In the end, ten combinations managed to jump clear and obtain their ticket for the jump-off. France, Colombia, Portugal, and Great Britain: the battle for victory was going to be very close considering the level of the riders competing.

Cédric Hurel and Fantasio Floreval Z, who had the difficult task of going first in this second part of the competition, had every reason to be pleased with their result: 4 faults in a time of 34:37, and a seventh place in the overall line-up. This set the tone, and opened the door to a host of possibilities. As there’s no such word as can’t in French, Normandy’s François-Xavier Boudant had the first double clear with Apache d’Adrier’s grandson in a time of 34:36, going into the lead provisionally and suspense was at its height. Titouan Schumacher and his Atome Z unsettled the audience, as well as the leading combination, going over the finish line faster, but knocking down the final fence into the bargain.

Full results here.

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Six Bars: Lily Attwood, Her Head in the Stars

Thirteen couples had an appointment to touch the stars in the impressive “6 bars” event, which ended in style on Saturday at the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCIA.

After a first passage at 1.55m where twelve competitors passed without a hitch, four jump-offs were necessary to decide between the best. A first jump-off at 1.70m eliminated three couples. For his part, the German Marco Kutscher and Zypern 4, victorious at this height, preferred to stop there. At 1.80m, two other couples bowed, and the Portuguese Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida, in the saddle on Icloud, decided to stop despite a passage without a hitch. Climbed to 1.92m, the penultimate jump-off will have eliminated three. For the final passage, at the prodigious height of 2.02m, there were only two left: the Frenchman Thomas Leveque and the Briton Lily Attwood, respectively associated with Casting de Rueire and I’M Emerone. First to start, the Habs suffered a refusal from his mount on the last obstacle of the line, but did not want to try again. By overthrowing the final bar, the young rider then imposed herself.

Full results here.

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Hubside Jumping in Valence: Quick, Well Done for Benoît Cernin

Without batting an eyelid, by tightening the turns, the French champion Benoit Cernin got everyone to agree with his fast Cookie de Vesvre in the major event of the CSI 4 * at 1.50m, Saturday August 28th. A victory where speed rhymes with fluidity.

This major event brought together fifteen couples among the best in the world. So many pilots determined to do battle, carried by a large crowd that does not shy away from its pleasure in the packed grandstands of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCE. The course manager Grégory Bodo had concocted a lap allowing the riders to tighten their turns more or less to save time in this speed test. In all: twelve obstacles, including two combinations, that is to say fourteen efforts for the contenders for the victory. France, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, and Spain were at the start. The faults were scattered everywhere on the obstacles, the verticals number 3 and number 11 at the end of the course having cost the most.

Very fit now, Marie Pellegrin and Boreale de Fondcombe showed the way, the first duo to sign a perfect course, in 70’92, synonymous with seventh place in the final. It was therefore possible to do as well, but even faster, as demonstrated by John Whitaker and Sharid, down the clock at 66’63 (4s). However, the British did not stay in the lead for long, the leadership of the event constantly changing, successively held by Mégane Meissonnier and Illusion CL (3rd), then finally Benoit Cernin and Cookie de Vesvre, quite simply lowering the stopwatch further of four seconds (61’16). Simply unbeatable!

Full results here.

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Hubside Jumping from Valencia: Fantastic Fantasio

Forty-one couples at the start. Twelve barragistas. Four faultless doubles… You had to be precise while being very fast to win the major event of the day at the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCIA, a CSI 4* Grand Prix at 1.50m. Mission brilliantly accomplished by the rising couple, Francilien Cédric Hurel and Fantasio Floreval Z.

The first qualifying round for the dam gave the riders some difficulty, most notably the three combinations that marked the course as the sixth, eighth, and twelfth hurdles. Maldonne for the French champion Benoît Cernin, riding his very good Vitalhorse Seurat Galotiere, Mégane Moissonnier and Cordial, as well as René Lopez Lizarazo on Kheros Van’T Hoogeinde, all three signing magnificent faultless runs, unfortunately tainted with a small point of time exceeded depriving them of access to the dam. Frenchman Titouan Schumacher and his leaping Atome Z were the first to find the key to the course proposed by track leader Grégory Bodo. In form, the Tricolores formed a real delegation in the qualification for the dam, joined by the Belgians Rik Hemeryck in saddle on Morfine de Muze and François Jr Mathy with Uno de la Roque. The second part of the event was therefore going to promise beautiful sport to determine the winning couple among the twelve qualifiers.

A difficult task for Titouan Schumacher, the opening of the dam allowed all qualifiers to measure the possible options of the route and a first reference time of 37’28, sanctioned by 4 points… The first double without fault is signed François-Xavier Boudant. In the saddle on Brazyl du Mezel, the Normand showed that it was possible, with a time of 36’71, synonymous with third place finish. In his wake, inflated to the brim, Cédric Hurel and Fantasio Floreval Z dropped the reference time to 35’17. Everyone then tried to do even better… without success!

Full results here.

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Hubside Jumping of Valence: Captain Keen, King of the Day

Photo: Sportfot.

For the first highlight of the CSI 4* at the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCIA, the flawless waltz kept the public enthralled in a summer atmosphere. And it was the driver Jean-Luc Mourier, very fit on his faithful Captain Keen, who won in front of a great competition.

They were twenty-seven to take the start of the major event of the day, rated at 1.45m, under an azure sky. Designed by the course manager Grégory Bodo, recently returned from Tokyo where he had gone as assistant to the course manager in charge of the show jumping events, the course allowed the riders of the CSI 4* to take the temperature of the competition and start the competition smoothly.

Nice start with the Frenchman Nicolas Delmotte, saddled on the young and promising Citadin du Château, signatories of a clear course in a time of 63’37. All that remained was to do as well, but faster, to claim victory. In their wake, despite a fine clear lap, the Frenchman Julien Gonin on Caprice de Guinfard did not succeed, unlike the Frenchwoman Marie Demonte and Manchester, the third couple to take the start and imposing on the competition a new time to beat with a stopwatch of 62’93. Throughout the event, the numerous clear rounds have continued to follow one another, offering a nice game of musical chairs on the classification side. It took all the know-how of Habs Simon Delestre and Chesall Zimequest to once again change the provisional leadership of the event by crossing the finish line in 61’57. The dice seemed to have been cast. But that was without counting on the ultra-fast driver Jean-Luc Mourier, already winner of an event at the start of the afternoon in the CSI 2*. This time perched on Captain Keen, the Rhônalpin won in 60’46.

Full results here.

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For His First Victory in a 5* Grand Prix, Olivier Perreau Shakes Up Hubside Jumping de Valence

France’s Olivier Perreau and GL Events’ Venizia d’Aiguilly ensured that suspense was at its height until the very end of the class, winning the CSI 5* Hubside Store Grand Prix this Sunday at the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE (Drôme).  A great sporting occasion for the best riders and horses, cheered on by a very enthusiastic audience.

The experts of world show jumping took part in the CSI 5* 1.60m Grand Prix at the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE on Sunday afternoon, in front of grandstands which were full and an enthusiastic crowd.  The course designed by France’s Cedric Longis promised some great sport.  Thirty-five combinations were competing in the class: thirty-five possibilities, but just one outcome. Number 10, which was a vertical, the first element of the double, number 12, and above all number 11, which was a plank, cost the riders dearly and were undoubtedly decisive in the class. There wasn’t a clear round until the significant, eleventh combination came into the ring, and after that a string of clears followed. Grégory Cottard and his great mare Bibici, a combination which will be representing France et the next European Championships, proved that it was possible. In their wake, Morgan Bordat and Uma also jumped clear and went through to the jump-off. In total, eleven combinations managed to obtain their ticket for the second part of the class. Five nations were in the running: France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium. The jump-off was impressive and really exciting!

Grégory Cottard on his prestigious grey mare had the difficult task of going first in the jump-off. Well done! The opening combination was not faint-hearted, took a lot of risks and finished clear, in a time of 37:25. So the following riders had to go very, very fast.  It seemed impossible to improve on the time to beat, but that was without counting on Rhône Alpes’ Olivier Perreau and GL events Venezia d’Aiguilly did just that, finishing in 36:92! Incredible!

Full results here.

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Grégory Cottard Takes Control of the Hubside Jumping in Valence

At the end of the day, the leaders of the discipline competed in the major event of the day of the CSI 5 *, a speed rated at 1.50m. It was not only necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the course concocted by the course manager Cédric Longis, but also to go quickly. Penultimate to start, the Frenchman Grégory Cottard got everyone to agree with his breathtaking Cocaine du Val.

It is in front of a packed and generous grandstand that the twenty-three contenders for victory set off on the track of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCE. First on the starting line, the Habs Alexa Ferrer set the pace, signing from the start a clear course in 65’49. The tone was set. It didn’t take long for the young Briton Jack Whitaker, in the saddle on Elucar VE, to find the keys to a faster stopwatch, lowering it to 61’70: new time to beat. The triple in number 6 and the double in number 8 will have been expensive for more than a seasoned couple on this course. Flawless on the bars, the Irishman Bertram Allen with Fts Killossery Konfusion (3rd), the French Mégane Moissonnier on Aramusse (5th), or Italy’s Emanuele Camilli on Chaccrouet (4th), however, have not been fast enough to take the lead in the competition. We had to wait for the passage of Grégory Cottard, penultimate to start in the event, to achieve this. In the saddle on the beautiful gray Cocaine du Val, the Habs were able to be faster in a very fluid track. A great victory for the Frenchman, selected in the French clan for the next European championships, scheduled for the beginning of September.

Six Bars and Two Champions

Unbelievable! At the end of the impressive 6 bars event, it is not one, but two couples who managed to cross within the framework of the HUBSIDE JUMPING of VALENCE, the last jump-off at 2,00m!

After a first passage at 1.50m and a first jump-off at 1.65m cleared by the eight competitors at the start, six of them gradually inclined to 1.80m, then 1.95m. In the ultimate test of dam or at the dizzying height of 2.00m, there remained only three: Tom Favède saddle on Amarula Cerf (3rd), Olivier Perreau on GL events Dorai Aiguilly, and finally, the very young Léona Mermillod Baron, perched on Cesar du Terroir. If the first named did not manage to leave the line without overturning the bar, Olivier Perreau and Léona Mermillod Baron flew away, literally carried by the public.

Full results here.

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Hubside Jumping in Valencia: Carlos Lopez at Home

They were twenty-nine to take the start of Thursday’s major CSI 5 * event, rated at 1.50m. On a tour signed Cédric Longis, eleven riders managed the perfect course. However, it was necessary to act quickly and well to win. Successful bet for Haras des Grillons rider Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo.

Jazzy music in the speakers, setting sun, and pink clouds relayed by diffused light all around the track, summer sweetness… the atmosphere was more than warm at the HUBSIDE JUMPING IN VALENCIA. However, in the arena, the riders were busy trying to overcome the difficulties proposed by the course manager, Cédric Longis. Combination number 9 will also have caused a hard time for many top players on the circuit, like the Frenchman Simon Delestre on Chesall Zimequest or the Italian Lorenzo de Luca and Amarit d’Amour.

It was the Brazilian Eduardo Pereira de Menezes, saddled on Calypso des Matis, who started the clear round and set the tone with a quick stopwatch of 63’36. Determined to do battle, the Amazons were not left out in this event, showing all their know-how. Sweden’s Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli on Ninterder Star (8th), the French Mégane Moissonnier with Aramusse (7th), Marie Pellegrin Boreal Rivendell (6th), or Mary Demonte Manchester (5th) attempted the catch, without success. It was not until the Briton Guy Williams, in the very last part of the race, to finally succeed in lowering the clock to 62’58 with Rouge de Ravel. This was what further motivated Haras des Grillons rider Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo, who won at home in 60’45 on his superb Evita Sg Z.

Marc Dilasser Rocks the Hubside Jumping in Valence

There was great sport Friday on the track of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCE. Eighteen couples had won their entry ticket for the jump-off of the 155 cm CSI 5 * event, determined to win. Discreet but oh so effective, the Normand Marc Dilasser got everyone to agree.

The first competitor set off for the major event of the day, where the leaders of the discipline had met. First on the track, the Irishman Daniel Coyle gave the public a perfect first lap, opening up the possibilities with Legacy. In the process or almost, his compatriot Mark Mcauley followed suit on Cap West, confirming the holding of a dam, almost immediately imitated by Bertram Allen, in the saddle on Harley Vd Bisschop. But Ireland was not the only nation in great shape last night since in the end, eighteen couples from seven countries managed to thwart the pitfalls of the course designed by Cédric Longis. Who from Ireland, France, Great Britain, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, or Belgium would win? The battle promised to be raised.

Riders and riders therefore rolled up their sleeves to do it quickly and well, taking all the risks to try to lower the stopwatch of Mark Mcauley, the first rider to present a double clear round. Time to beat: 43’52. The French Olivier Perreau (5th) and Alexa Ferrer (4th), the Briton John Whitaker (3rd), the Colombian Carlos Lopez (2nd), and the Belgian Pieter Clemens (6th) succeeded, pushing each other’s elbows. But that was without counting on the ardor of Marc Dilasser and his fabulous Arioto du Gevres, who snatched the victory at the end of an intense test with a stopwatch of 39’10. Prodigious.

Full results here.

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Kent Farrington Wins HUBSIDE JUMPING’s CSI 5* Grand Prix

Copyright: HUBSIDE JUMPING – Stefano Secchi.

Last weekend, the HUBSIDE JUMPING on the French Riviera already came to a close with the Star-Spangled banner being played in the Haras des Grillons de Grimaud’s big ring, honouring Jessica Springsteen’s victory in the 4* Grand Prix. An additional star and few days later, her fellow countryman Kent Farrington, the current World number five, won with the aptly named Gazelle, in a magnificent jump-off.

Kent Farrington (USA): “It’s always great to win a 5* Grand Prix, like this one here near Saint-Tropez, for my first participation in the HUBSIDE JUMPING. Maybe Sadri Fegaier could organise shows in the United States as I regularly win at his European shows [Kent and Gazelle have already won the HUBSIDE JUMPING de Valence’s Grand Prix twice, which Sadri Fegaier also organises — editor’s note]. More seriously, I would especially like to thank Sadri Fegaier and his team: we went through a difficult period and we need people like him, enthusiasts who do so much for our sport. I take my hat off to him for building a complex like this for horses and the sport, and for organising such great shows. I went last in the jump-off and Julien Epaillard was in the lead.  He is renowned for going really fast, even in the States.  So I had to give it my all! I really focused on Gazelle’s natural speed, and I was extremely careful: for example, a double in the jump-off can be dangerous at these speeds; additionally, I was really careful on the last oxer. I helped Gazelle and in particular on these two parts of the course, that could have been difficult for her. Next week I am going to stay here to rest and then I will be competing in Windsor, and we’ll see after that depending on how my horses are.”

Full results here.

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Victory for Daniel Deusser at the Final Hubside Jumping Show

© Marco Villanti pour HUBSIDE JUMPING.

Even good things must come to an end. After eleven weeks of competition in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the second season of international show jumping at the HUBSIDE JUMPING has drawn to a close. A season which was exceptional in every way and ended with the victory of Germany’s Daniel Deusser and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z.

“I’m really delighted with this victory in the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s CSI 4* Grand Prix and in particular with my horse, Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z. He had to take some time out at the beginning of the year and started competing again mid-season in small classes and then took part in the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s CSI 5* show a few weeks ago. Indeed, he is recovering well and is getting better and better, to the extent that he was able to win the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s CSI 4* Grand Prix today! I’m really proud of him!  The year has been very different and extremely difficult for all the riders, but thanks to the HUBSIDE JUMPING, we were able to enjoy a wonderful summer season. I don’t that it’s being presumptuous to extend my warmest thanks on behalf of all the riders to Sadri Fegaier and to the whole HUBSIDE JUMPING organising team. Thank you for keeping our sport alive and we all hope that we will be back here again next year.”

Full results here.

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