Canadian Four-In-Hand Driver Deb Laderoute Wins Arenus’s EQUILITE Performance & Conditioning Award at Live Oak Competition

Deb Laderoute, a Four-In-Hand Combined Driver from Canada, won Arenus’s EQUILITE Performance & Conditioning Award at the 2010 Live Oak International Competition. (Photo courtesy of

Ocala, FL (May 4, 2010)  – Four-In-Hand Combined Driver Deb Laderoute, who will represent Canada in the 2010 World Equestrian Games, drove away with Arenus’s EQUILITE Performance & Conditioning Award during the recent Live Oak International Competition in Ocala, Florida. Laderoute and her team were awarded EQUILITE brand products from award sponsor Arenus, makers of animal health products and supplement blends including STEADFAST joint health, ASSURE digestive aid and SORE NO-MORE liniment.

“All of the teams competing at Live Oak were amazing, but our team of judges picked Deb because they thought her team was exceptional,” said Arenus representative Stacey Small, creator of the EQUILITE line of products.  “It was a very exciting competition, and awarding Deb with a tote bag filled with our award-winning natural animal health and herbal blend products was just the icing on the cake.”

Laderoute’s team belongs to Chinook Valley Inc, out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Laderoute was thrilled that they were recognized for their performance and excellent conditioning. Laderoute, who rode as a child and then took a break to raise a family and start a restaurant business, started driving in 1995. She started driving a four-in-hand team five years ago and is the first Canadian in 20 years to qualify for the World Equestrian Games. “I am also the only woman from Canada to ever qualify for WEG,” Laderoute said.

Laderoute, who said her team is made up of a mixture of Warmbloods, was extremely pleased to win Arenus’s EQUILITE Performance & Conditioning award as the fitness and conditioning aspect of combined driving is so important for success. “I live in an area of the continent where conditions to drive can be challenging with our winters, and I am doing a lot of the conditioning in a small indoor arena,” Laderoute said. “I arrived in Florida in January and worked hard at topping up the horses for competition in the two months.”

Laderoute added that she began using SORE NO-MORE liniment when she arrived in Florida. “I have to say that I immediately liked the pleasing ‘bouquet’ and used it on myself first to see the impact. I was pleasantly surprised! I have also tried the SORE NO-MORE Poultice, and loved it!”

Small congratulated Laderoute on her win and added that Arenus enjoyed participating in the 2010 Live Oak International competition. “Chester Weber, who won his eighth straight USEF Four-In-Hand National Championship at Live Oak, is one of Arenus’s EQUILITE Ambassadors, so we have a fondness for Four-In-Hand Drivers,” Small said. “Chester uses our SORE NO-MORE liniments, SORE NO-MORE Poultice and Ricochet Horse Spray.”

Weber and his stable manager, Olof Larsson, rely on Arenus’s EQUILITE brand products to keep their team driving at peak condition. “I’ve seen my horses respond very well to the SORE NO-MORE liniment and I especially like the back brace for my driving horses,” Weber said.

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