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Brennan Continues Winning Streak with Japan in Hester Equestrian Lucky 7s Jumper Classic

Penny Brennan of Buhl, Alabama continued her winning streak in the jumpers when she and her own Japan won the $7,770 Hester Equestrian, LLC Jumper Classic yesterday.

World renowned course designer Leopoldo Palacios of Venezuela designed the course and set the first round time allowed at 75 seconds. Despite heavy rains on Friday, the KCR all weather footing in Jumper 1 provided a slip free surface and saw five return for the second round.

Trapp O’Neal of Magnolia, Texas, in the irons of Carolyn M. Elsey’s Quilona Z, was the first horse and rider team to turn in a clear first round in a time of 73.500 seconds. Their second round was also clear and beat the time allowed of 52 seconds with their own 39.239 seconds, and set the new time to beat.

Andy Kocher of Ocala, Florida and Jodie Cambergh’s Destiny Van De Noordheuvel advanced to a second round after posting a clear first round in a time of 69.709 seconds. Twelve jump faults in their second round in a time of 46.489 seconds would see the pair finish in fifth place overall.

Phoenix, owned and ridden by Heather Zuber of Zionsville, Indiana, followed Kocher with a clear first round in a time of 73.884 seconds. Their second round had four jump faults in a time of 41.292 seconds and would see the pair finish in fourth place overall.

Cathleen Driscoll of Elk Hills, Maryland and her own Forever Blue had the next clear first round in a time of 68.705 seconds. Four faults in their second round in a time of 39.299 seconds would have them finish in third place overall.

Brennan and Japan sat in the desirable last to go spot for their second round after posting a clear first round in a time of 68.647 seconds. All eyes were on the pair as they went in for the final second round and flew around the course turning in a super-fast clear jump off round in a time of 35.922 seconds, taking the win.

“I love Japan!” said a beaming Penny Brennan. “I am so happy and can’t tell you enough how great this footing is,” she said. “The weather was horrible yesterday and it is still so safe to ride on it,” she said. “My horses love it and they are still flying around these courses,” she added.

Final results in the class had Brennan and Japan with the win, followed by O’Neal and Quilona Z. Driscoll and Forever Blue earned a third place ribbon and Zuber and Phoenix received fourth place honors. Kocher and Destiny Van De Noordheuvel earned fifth, and Amanda Forte of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania earned sixth with Cerulean Stables, LLC’s Rincoola Black Adder as the fastest four-faulter in a first round time of 73.534 seconds. Kocher and Showcase 81, LLC’s Mullentine Imperial received seventh place after posting a four fault first round in a time of 73.606 seconds. Kocher returned for eighth place with his own Bennenton Van De Bluekhove. Ninth was awarded to Lisa Hankin’s Garbanzo R, ridden by Leann Kelly of Valatie, New York, and tenth went to Zeldenrust Z, owned and ridden by Natalie Hansen of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Eleventh and twelfth went to Amicelli, owned and ridden by Mattie Hatcher of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Brooke Kemper of Culpeper, Virginia and Christina Van Patten’s Riptide, respectively.

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