Betsy Steiner’s Ladies’ Club Takes Serious Dressage Training to a New Fun Level

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Photo courtesy of Terri Miller

Loxahatchee, FL (January 28, 2013) – World class equestrian Betsy Steiner is excited to introduce an exciting new program designed to help women expand their dressage coaching and training and apply it in a very fun way.  The Ladies’ Club (TLC) is a weekly social gathering for women being held throughout the 2013 winter season in Florida.  Although this program is designed for women to get together and socialize, this Ladies’ Club doesn’t come anywhere near your average coffee-clutch or typical knitting circle. “It’s serious dressage, but not in such a serious, scheduled kind of way,” Steiner explains about the program. “Its purpose is to have ladies come over to enjoy their horses, enjoy the process, learn about dressage, and be together in the ring for a broader experience,” she continues, “but, most importantly, it’s about having fun with your horse!”  Steiner had the idea to start the club as a result of her own personal enjoyment of working together with other riders by performing in quadrilles, and she wants to offer this experience to others. “Sometimes, you can learn more thoroughly in a group situation, where you ride your horse while forgetting about other things.  When you work together with your horse and other people, it’s so much fun, and through this camaraderie, you find you actually get closer to your horse.”

The Ladies’ Club will meet every Thursday afternoon, beginning on January 31st, from 3-4:15pm, and is open to amateur riders who want additional coaching in an educational, fun and friendly environment.  The cost is $100 per session, and 4-6 riders will be assigned per group.  If more than 6 riders register for a specific date, lessons will begin at 1:30-3, and the first riders to sign up will get their choice of time.  TLC will meet at the gorgeous White Fences Equestrian Centre, and participants are welcome to trailer their horses in from other farms and/or training programs.  The group lessons will cover a vast amount dressage fundamentals including seat and position, balance in the saddle, understanding tempo and rhythm including riding to music, working with the half-halt, learning exercises to develop flexion and bending, riding correct figures, geometry of the dressage arena, improving transitions, pas de deux or quadrille riding and work with cavalettis. Social time will follow each session.

Steiner points out that the horses seem to enjoy this experience as well.  “It’s really fun for the horses,” she explains. “They really get involved and are full of surprises and do things you didn’t think they could do!  I really think that the more fun you have with your horse, the more you take away limitations.”

During her career, Steiner has successfully trained many horses to Grand Prix including Attache, Special Delivery, Ortac, Komtur, Unanimous, Metternich and Hilltop’s Giotto, Titaan, and Fino.  In the years since her first Grand Prix at the age of 20, she has enjoyed working with such luminaries as Uwe Steiner, Herbert Rehbein, Guenter Seidel, Robert Dover, Klaus Balkenhol, and Steffen Peters.  With international experience and grand prix wins at prestigious shows around the country, Steiner has enjoyed success at the highest levels for more than three decades. To register for The Ladies’ Club, riders can text a message to 561-358-6850, or send an email to  For more information about Steiner Dressage, visit the website

Feb. 7 time will be at 11:00am – 12:15pm.

For more information contact
Betsy Steiner
561 358 6850

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