Atlanta Summer Classic One

We had a great week in Conyers for the Atlanta Summer Classic I.  We had lots of exciting classes so I have lots to share.

To start, this week was a WCHR event and we hosted the USHJA Hunter Classic and USHJA International Hunter Derby.

The winner of the Hunter Classic was Snowday owned by Triple Creek Farm and ridden by Lindsey Chestnut.  The class was showcased and started at 10 am with lots of spectators watching.  The Classic Company plans many USHJA Hunter Classics in the future.

The winner of the International Hunter Derby was Brunello, owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Peterson and shown by Elizabeth Boyd.   The class was held in the 400 x 450 Grand Prix ring under lights and was well attended with “tailgaters”.  It was an exciting class and Allen Rheinheimer and Joe Carnicom made a challenging course.  There were also many comments among the spectators that they missed the “opening of the gate” and they hoped that the committee will see fit to allow it next year…. it was not a gimmick jump.

For complete results of the show go to

This week we also held the Atlanta Cup Equitation Classic for Ponies and it was won by Quinn Larimer aboard her medium pony Brownlands Miss Sissy.  She was awarded a silver cup and it was presented by the winner of the event last year Paige Parker.

The Lucky Sevens Welcome Class was won by Lola and Julianna Fischer on Friday morning.

On Saturday night, the Brookledge $25,000 Grand Prix was held.  Between the first round and the second round, the horse Shakira do Jacare was retired with a wonderful ceremony and video.  Sergio Campos, and Christine Vanneck had commentary and Sara Owen walked the horse into the ring. The Grand Prix was won by David Jennings aboard his horse, Marcus Aurelius.

2. Rivano, Spencer Ranch, Ian Silitch

3. Lazaro, Jordan Coyne, owner rider

4. Eli, Derek Peterson, owner rider

5. Hennessey, Chase Boggio, owner rider

6. Sympa, Mrs. Charles Bostwick, Daniel Geitner

7. Skylands Con Chino, Josh Dolan, owner rider

8. CR Aryenne, Brett Gage, owner rider

9. Monkey Du Parc, Dianna Rodolpho, owner rider

10. Lola, Julianna Fischer, owner rider

11. Pacific Touch, Paige Coles, owner rider

12. Remonta Eden, Sandy Van Dyke, owner rider

Isn’t it amazing how many owner riders we had it that class?

The Atlanta Summer Classics also changed the usual Children’s Adult Jumpers and Junior Amateur Owner Jumpers to a modified 3 class World Cup format.  The winner of the American Cup – Jr AO was Gun Du Desfi and Mackenzie Ryan.

The winner of the Classic Cup – Child Adult was Rapunzel and Lynn Seithel.

This week the Classic Company also participated in hosting an Equestrian Fellowship event on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning.  Both were well attended at appreciated by exhibitors and staff.  The Hargreves Family hosted the fellowship and we thank for their efforts and support.

So, like I said in the beginning, we had a real busy week and next week is the same.  I am pleased to say that we are sold out for next week with a long wait list but I am sorry we could not accommodate all the requests.

One more thing….. Tonight, Sunday the 20th, is the premier of the ABC television show “The Gates”.  One of the major characters is played by Justin Miles.  Justin is Becky Miles’ son, our sponsor coordinator.  It airs at 10pm.

Upcoming Events:

Charleston Summer Classic – July 14-24  –  We have 450 stalls and as of this morning that leaves only about 125 left.  If you are planning to attend, please call our office and send in your entries.  The office number is 843 768 5503.

See you at the rings,

Bob Bell

The Classic Company, Ltd.

Phone/FAX:  (843) 768-5503

Post Office Box 1311  Johns Island  SC 29457

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