Arabian Horse Foundation Receives Major Gift for Equine Rescue and Equine Research

Aurora, CO — The Arabian Horse Foundation has announced it received a $50,000 gift from the Barbara Wright Hutton Trust, the largest gift the non-profit entity has ever received since re-launching in 2007. The $50,000 gift was directed to horse rescue and rehoming and to equine research.

“This gift speaks volumes for the message it conveys and represents an investment in the future of the Foundation,” said AHF President Larry Kinneer. “It is a clear indication of a family’s belief and trust in the Foundation to use their gift wisely. The Foundation board deeply appreciates this major gift.”

“I know my aunt would be pleased to know that her gift will be used for something that meant a lot to her and will make a difference in impacting the welfare of horses,” stated Wright Hutton’s niece, Jackie Johnston, an Arabian horse owner and an AHA judge of national and international shows.

Ms. Wright Hutton lived in St. Louis, MO, owned an Arabian and loved horses. Johnston describes her aunt as “a charitable person,” and recalls that her aunt, “truly enjoyed horses,” and was introduced to horses at various camps at an early age. Prior to Wright Hutton’s passing in 2008, she urged Johnston, the executor and a trustee of her Trust, to give to worthy animal charities.

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One thought on “Arabian Horse Foundation Receives Major Gift for Equine Rescue and Equine Research”

  1. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals, particularly horses, that have been injured, abused, neglected, abandoned or orphaned. We carry out this mission by providing good nutrition, medical care and emotional support in a safe and nurturing environment.

    It takes a lot of time, work and financial resources to operate any type of rescue. Animals that find their way to your door often need a lot in the way of physical care, emotional support and medical treatment. They also need shelter and room to exercise. Shelters and exercise areas need to be erected and maintained.

    Together we can make big difference.

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