Appropriately “Federally Protected” Wild Horses “LOCK UP” Our Western Public Rangelands from Development & Exploitation

Appropriately “federally protected” wild horses “LOCK UP” our western public rangelands from development and exploitation. Looking at the bigger and historical picture of wild horse mismanagement (not what appears just fine in one’s own “backyard”), it’s easier to see why there is a war waged against our wild horses & burros at the DOI/government level ~ OUR lands. Remain vigilant and “Keep our WEST WILD”.

Besides livestock overrunning lands owned by just a few large corporations (not private ranchers – very different) which only benefit 3% of the American public… there is also development, natural resource exploitation, green energy farms such as the Ruby Pipeline extending from Wyoming west to Oregon, and wind turbines & solar power. Suddenly, our wide open spaces of our beloved west are shrinking at alarming rates.

As stated, wild horses “lock up” our lands when they have appropriate “protected” status, as we are hoping… and they (DOI) are fearing, by restoring appropriate language/protection through a wild horse and burro Act (i.e. ROAM Act), prior to the 2004 tragic amendment, stripping wild horses and burros of most of their protection “sold without limitations”… a sneaky rider bill by Senator Conrad Burns who introduced it, and put it into appropriations without public comment/consent DURING the holiday break when most in DC were away on vacation. President G. Bush signed it on December 6th, and with the swipe of a pen, causing tragedies to your/my/our American mustangs and burros, and at the same time devastating knowledgeable citizens.

Sign of the times: actual video of what many of our wide open spaces may soon be like – tremendous impact on all wildlife & our psyches. Information and awareness is key. Here’s what Basin & Range says: The loud noise of the Stirling dish/engines will scare wildlife in the desert away and invade the silence of the wilderness areas nearby, at Calico Solar Project and Imperial Valley Solar Project (deadly Calico roundup, where 2,000 wild horses were removed last winter).

Sonya Malecky Spaziani

A Million Voices for Mustangs

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