APHA Considers Rule Change Proposal (Requiring All Breeding Stallions to Be Genetic Tested)

Control RG-110
RG-110 Stallion Breeding Reports

All breeding stallions are required to be genetic tested by DNA and have a genetic disease panel test on file with APHA prior to the registration of their foals that result from breedings occurring after January 1, 2017. The genetic disease panel test includes HYPP, PSSM, MH, GBED, HERDA, OLWS. The test results will be available to all APHA members. The owner or lessee of such stallion shall at his own expense, file with the Association a written report of the stallion’s DNA genetic markers, obtained from the official laboratory approved by the Association and in accordance with procedures adopted by the Association. Presence of an Association observer at the time the DNA sample is obtained is not required. Once a stallion’s DNA genetic markers are filed with the Association, it is not necessary to repeat such filing annually, except as requested by the Association.

Originators Justification for Change:

This rule addition would utilize genetic testing to reduce Paint Horse deaths, increase breeding revenue and encourage Paint Horse owner participation. Breeders would have access to the test results, which would enable them to make informed breeding decisions. The risk of purchasing a Paint Horse with a debilitating genetic defect would be greatly reduced for Paint Horse enthusiasts.

If this rule is not passed:

  1. Breeders will continue to lose revenue by inadvertently producing foals with genetic defects.
    * Stallion owners will be asked for rebreeds.
    * Mare owners will face unexpected medical bills – including possible euthanasia if the foal is defective and unable to be used for the purpose that was intended at the time of sale.
  2. The incidence of Paint Horses with genetic defects will continue to rise.
  3. APHA’s reputation could be harmed if its policies do not support medical best practices.

Robin and Penelope

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