And We Are Live from Strzegom Horse Trials!

We could not have asked for a better start as we kick off the 14th edition of The STRZEGOM HORSE TRIALS. The sun is shining from a blue sky so it’s perfect out door weather for both horses and riders. Caps, sunglasses and shots are everywhere! Fingers crossed that the sun will stay on for the weekend.

It was an early morning for the Ground Jury and Strzegom team as we had a swift start with XC course inspection before the first competitions started. Wednesday has offered Dressage for the CI short 2* and the CI short 1*, both being continued Thursday as there is close to 180 horses in these classes all together. Also the CI J1* DCU TROPHY has been started and after the dressage we have Chayenne Peters from Germany in the lead for the show jumping Thursday.

The press office has taken a few minutes out of the busy schedules of some of our riders, to catch their expectations and thoughts on the event. You will be able to find the interviews Thursday afternoon on the web and Social media channels. Take the opportunity to follow the event more closely and join us on Twitter, Face book or Instagram.

It’s been an exciting afternoon with the first Horse Inspections in CI 1* and 3* where we were given the opportunity to see stylish riders showing their horses in the trot up. The horses looked excited to be here and the riders keen to get going, some with the ambition to do a final push to be elected to the national teams for the Olympic Games, Rio this September.

The XC course has been inspected and opened Wednesday at 06.00pm for all classes, after being inspected carefully by the Ground Jury and TD. Some tiny last minute details to be taken care of but nonetheless a clear GOOD TO GO sign from the Ground Jury Members.

It’s a spectacular course that is being presented and some 150 fences that has been inspected for all the classes.

Thursday you will be able to find the maps of the XC courses, including pictures of the fences, to give you a taste for what will the XC has in store. We are looking forward to see the horses and riders on the XC starting Friday.

Yet, first of all we are looking forward to a fantastic Thursday with dressage and show jumping. Our complete time table is presented on:

Please visit our web site for time tables, live updates and results online.

Strzegom Horse Trials

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