American Trakehner Assoc. Convention at Jacksonville Equestrian Center (Nov. 11-13)

I am a volunteer with the American Trakehner Association and a Florida Trakehner breeder.  I am writing to ensure you are aware that the American Trakehner Association convention is being held this year at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on Nov. 11-13, and to invite any/all of your members to come participate in the events!

We are aware of the many assets the JEC brings to north Florida and are actively involved in encouraging the ATA to designate Jacksonville as one of four permanent, rotating sites for our annual conventions.  An involved and interested public would go a long way towards making that point!

You may be already know that the ATA keeps a closed stud book as it slowly rebuilds this oldest of the warmblood breeds from near extinction after WWII, when there were as few as 10 breeding mares left from the great Trakehner stud mare herds.  For this reason, our inspections are very important and one of the highlights of our conventions.  We will have a stallion and a mare inspection at this convention, as well as voluntary marks on foals being presented.

Groups of individual spectators are always welcome at ATA conventions, and of course all events at the Equestrian Center are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  We would especially be interested in hosting youth horse clubs if you have contacts with such groups.

In addition to the inspections, other activities include a Mare and Young Horse show on Thursday afternoon; Hunter Stakes and a brief educational session from experienced Hunter judge Sally Harvey from Ocoee, Fla., on Friday afternoon; and that night, an exciting Stallion Parade, Jumper Calcutta and Riding Exhibition.  We understand one of our U.S. Olympic Trakehner stallion medalists will take part in the latter.

There is also a sales class taking place on Friday, and more information about that as well as photos of horses showing in that class are available on the ATA’s Facebook page.

If there is a group of you who would like to come together, we will be happy to host you on a stables tour of horses or during events in the arena. However, please do let me know if and when you plan to come as part of a group, so we can be prepared to host you. Again, there is a lot more information on the ATA’s Facebook page, or see

Hope to see you in November!

Ann Cottongim
ATA Public Relations Committee
Phone: (850) 784-8033
2870 Tupelo Drive, Panama City FL 32405

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