Alamo of the Onaqui, a Mustang Mission

Alamo in the wild ┬ęGreigHugginsPhotography.

Cloud Foundation Volunteer Coordinator and founder of Mustang Mission Wild Horse Rescue, Erin Phillips, was recently featured with her wild mustang Alamo in the Effingham Herald this week.

Alamo is one of the lucky ones. While Erin, and all of us, prefer that Alamo could live out his life in the wild, we recognize how fortunate he is to have found a safe home off the range, especially as an older stallion.

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As part of her research while she awaited Alamo’s arrival, Erin made it a mission to track down photographs of her mustang in the wild.

Her search led her to the very talented wild horse photographer, Greig Huggins, who captured Alamo in all his wild glory on the Onaqui range in Utah.

If you’re as in love with wild horses as we are, check out Greig’s work at

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