AHP Member Lisa Kemp Wins PR Award in ‘New Media’ for Boiselle Calendar Campaign

June 12, 2010 – Despite the ‘wild, woolly West’ nature of online and social or interactive media, AHP member Lisa Kemp has successfully navigated her way into a prestigious public relations (PR) award in the New Media category, winning a Silver Trumpet Award from the Publicity Club of Chicago (PCC), the Midwest’s largest communications industry trade association.

Although Lisa’s entry was the only equine-related PR campaign, she successfully competed against some heavy hitters in the global marketplace; other winners in the New Media category included large consumer companies such as Kraft, Sara Lee, and Allstate, in addition to some of Chicago’s largest advertising and PR firms.

“I think getting this award is great because every time horses are in the public eye, it becomes an opportunity for us to get the word out about how wonderful they are and invite others to participate, which strengthens our industry,” says Lisa. “It’s also great for horse business owners, since it shows we can compete on the same playing field as the big guys when it comes to marketing and PR, thanks to technology and new media.”

The award was for a multi-faceted online campaign Lisa developed in late 2009 for the Edition Boiselle 2010 calendar line; Edition Boiselle is the publishing company for German-based equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle.

However, while Lisa was the strategist and implemented the plan, the campaign was a success due to the various people behind the blogs, Web sites, and magazines that stepped forward to take part in the campaign. Plus, all tactics were supported through social media mentions on Facebook and Twitter, resulting in excellent ‘word of mouth’ as news of the contests and events spread.

“The important thing to remember in new media is that no one is an island; we’re all connected, and interactive new media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and the like can be used with great success by keeping that in mind, and then looking for the opportunities to connect with like-minded people and target audiences,” says Lisa.

  • Images are available for editorial use; please contact Lisa Kemp at 847-220-0740.
  • Additional campaign specifics, including a listing of the various media outlets included in the campaign, are included below.

About Lisa Kemp and Kemp Equine

Lisa Kemp is an award-winning equine industry writer and marketing communications expert. She focuses on leveraging word of mouth strategies through the use of new media combined with sound marketing principles. Her writings have appeared in equestrian publications such as The Horse, The Equine Chronicle, Equine Journal, Gypsy Horse Journal, SportHorse MARKETplace, Trail Blazer, Paint Horse Journal, Horses, Massachusetts Horse, Bridle & Bit, Arabian Horse World, EQUUS, and Blaze.

Since 2006, Lisa’s column on marketing equine businesses through use of technology and word of mouth strategies has appeared monthly in From The Horse’s Mouth magazine; her 2009 FTHM article on photography copyright issues is currently a finalist in the 2010 American Horse Publications awards contest. She recently launched a blog, NoBizLikeHorseBiz.com, which is geared toward helping equine businesses improve their marketing tactics.

Specific campaign tactics included:

  • Online contests with 2010 calendars as prizes;
  • Online articles supported by 2010 calendar images;
  • Online photo galleries of Boiselle images;
  • Boiselle cover images in print magazines; and
  • Calendar giveaways at an equine expo.

Judges’ comments included:

  • “It wasn’t just a matter of putting calendars on Web sites; it was identifying audiences that were a good fit for the product.”
  • “This is a great example of leveraging new media.”
  • “Gabriele certainly got good ROI on her investment.”

The blogs, Web sites, magazines, events, and organizations that played a part in the campaign included:

American Horse Publications (newsgroup)

Bit & Bridle (now Horse Family) – Mandee Widrick

Canadian Arabian Horse News – Christy Weese

Dappled Grey – Molly Knott

The Equestrian Lifestyle Expo & Holiday Market – Joy Meierhans

Equine Journal – Kelly Ballou and Celeste Karpf

Equine Photographers Network – Carien Schippers

From the Horse’s Mouth – Patty Oxendine

Gallop to Freedom book – Elizabeth McCall

Horses in the South – Teri Rehkopf

Intrepid International – John Craven

Massachusetts Horse – Stephanie Sanders-Ferris

Sharing Travel Experiences – Andy Hayes

SportHorse MARKETplace – Anna Goebel

Tack ‘n Talk – Larissa Cox

TROT – Kim Fisher

USHorse.biz – Judy Walker


PCC Golden Trumpet Awards announcement: http://www.publicity.org/?p=2752

Golden Trumpet winners: http://www.publicity.org/?page_id=2854

Silver Trumpet winners (scroll down to New Media): http://www.publicity.org/?page_id=2860

Gabriele Boiselle page at AHorseBlog.com


Lisa Kemp – KempEquine

Mobile: 847-220-0740

Email: KempEquine@gmail.com

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