Adequan Newest Grand Prix Sponsor at 2011 Gulf Coast Winter Classics

Dr. Juan Gamboa & Partizan ©Flashpoint Photography

Gulfport, MS – December 16, 2010 – The Gulf Coast Classic Company is pleased to welcome Adequan (polysulfated glycosminoglycan) as the newest sponsor for the 2011 Winter Classics. “We are excited to continue our support of the Classic Company and the riders and horses that compete at these competitions,” stated Allyn Mann, Sr. Manager of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “Our philosophy is simple: support those who are supporting you.”

“Given the sport our athletes compete in, pairing with Adequan seems the perfect fit for both parties,” Bob Bell, Co-Chair of the Gulf Coast Winter Classics, began. “Arthritis is an inflammation in the joints which at some time will plague many of our beloved equine partners and even our canine friends can suffer the ill effects of Arthritis. Adequan has made such strides in providing relief from the pain associated with this ailment and provided a longer career as well as improved life span.”

Adequan I.A. was approved by the FDA for intra-articular injection treatment for horses in 1984. Over the years it has been touted as a miracle drug for performance horses by providing both relief of symptoms and treating the underlying causes of non-infectious degenerative joint disease. Adequan I.M., approved in 1989, is recommended for the intramuscular treatment of non-infectious degenerative and/or traumatic joint dysfunction and associated lameness of the carpal and hock joints in horses.  Dr. Juan Gamboa, based in Aiken, SC, serves as the official veterinarian for the Gulf Coast Winter Classics and endorses the use of Adequan. “It penetrates into the joint just a few hours after it’s administered and acts on the cartilage cells, stopping the disease cycle, decreasing inflammation, restoring synovial lubrication and stimulating cartilage repair,” Gamboa stated. Dr. Gamboa explained treatments should be based on a few factors such as the horse’s age, overall health, and level of performance. “To achieve maximum benefit of blocking cartilage destruction and stimulating joint repair processes, make sure the horse receives the entire regimen as recommended, meaning the best way to use is to establish a regimen, 1 dose every 4 days for 7 treatments, and if it’s during a horse show, it is okay. The importance is to give the complete regimen, and repeat it 2-4 times a year as advised by your vet. Adequan is safe to administer and the results are clearly dramatic. I have never seen any secondary reaction to Adequan administered intramuscularly,” Gamboa concluded.

Backed by numerous clinical studies since its introduction to the equestrian world, Adequan remains the forerunner for research and progress in treating non-infectious degenerative joint disease for horses. The product not only relieves the pain and swelling associated with joint inflammation, but actually blocks enzymes that damage them as well as improving joint lubrication for ease of movement. And the best result comes in its ability to inhibit further cartilage degeneration.  “With results like these and my own personal belief in their product, it is an honor to promote Adequan’s partnership with the Gulf Coast Winter Classics. I hope our exhibitors will take the time at the shows to learn more and support the great advances being made for their horses’ better health,” Bell said.

Adequan will be the title sponsor of the $25,000 show jumping Grand Prix during week three of the Gulf Coast Winter Classics. Their presence will be noticeable throughout the five week winter series via promotional literature available in the show office as well as distributed around the barns and show grounds. Exhibitors are welcomed and encouraged to speak with their veterinarian or visit Adequan on the internet at

The Gulf Coast Winter Classics begins February 9, 2011 at the Harrison County Equestrian Center in Gulfport, MS for 5 weeks of superior equestrian competition. Featuring five $25,000 Grand Prix, $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby (Week IV), World Championship Rider Event, $10,000 Junior-Amateur Owner Jumper Classics, and all the wildly popular social gatherings weekly!

To learn more about 2011 Gulf Coast Winter Classics please visit or call the office at 843.768.5503. To book hotel or condo reservations please contact Connections at 800-262-9974.

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