A New Horse Breed Reference at FindTheBest.com

In the technological age many turn to the Internet to find information on horses as well as their products and services, but it can be difficult with the amount of sources and the uncertainty of bias in ratings and reviews.  A great resource for information on horse breeds has just been released from FindTheBest.  This is a great reference on 258 different horse breeds, comparing a number of qualities including breed groups and origins, as well as physical features like size, coat and color.  FindTheBest presents the facts in easy to use tables and allows for side-by-side comparisons of different breeds and consumer products so that you can find the best.

This is also a great resource for horse lovers to come, share and exchange information on what they are most passionate about.  My youngest sister is 13 years old and has been able to use this site to research some of the horses she has.  She is largely interested in the Rodeo style of horseback riding so things like barrel and pole racing as well as various roping events.  Each horse is trained and used almost exclusively for that one event.  Information on horse breeds can give insight into their success or failures in various rodeo events.  This is a call to action for horse lovers to come and connect.

Grayson Nance
Business Development Associate

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