5 Stunning Horse-Riding Destinations to Visit around the World

The best thing about horseback riding is it’s an activity that can be done pretty much anywhere in the world. You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself to one area; you can enjoy the same sport in places beyond your favorite stables for an enriching experience.

Horse riding can be much more than a sport — as traveling and being able to see the world on horseback is an extraordinary luxury that’s worth the trip. If you’re planning an equestrian vacation in the near future, here are some places worth exploring:


In Cappadocia, a place famous for being the “Land of Beautiful Horses”, a horseback ride is highly recommended. In fact, some would argue that it’s one of the few things travelers should prioritize when heading there. Riders can saddle up on Arabian or Barb horses which are native to the area, and they can explore trails that go through ancient Turkish villages, Byzantine-era churches, and centuries-old monasteries, underground cities, and valleys surrounded by orchards and fairy chimney rock formations.


The Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is considered one of the world’s most striking places to ride horses. The canyon is beset with pink and red hoodoos and rock spires that have eroded into unique formations, making it a worthy place to visit for those who wish to experience something new and spectacular. According to seasoned cowboys, spring is the best time to make the trip, as there’s still snow atop the rusty red hoodoos, and seeing them is an experience in and of itself.


Vietnam is a popular destination in Asia, but it’s usually associated with tropical beaches. This guide to Vietnam by Expat Bets outlines the many activities you can do in this Southeast Asian gem — from visiting heritage sites and scuba diving to rappelling and enjoying its coastal cities. Beyond that, Vietnam is also fast becoming a burgeoning haven for horse lovers, with many foreigners visiting for their horse racing fix. Those who want to combine adventure with relaxation can head to Hippo Farm to enjoy horse riding, while those who want to experience prime racing can try out the Olympic horse riding club located in Thien Ma Sports Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Either way, heading to these spots will allow for a fun riding experience.


Peru is already atop of many people’s wishlists because of Machu Picchu, but not many are privy to the fact that apart from the world-famous hike, it also offers a once-in-a-lifetime horse-riding adventure. Riders can spend days riding with views of Mt. Salkantay, Soraypampa Valley, and Mt. Humantay, and they can spend nights at the Mountain Lodges where individual rooms are available to them, along with luxurious amenities such as 400-thread count linens, hot tubs, scrumptious Andean cuisine, and organic coffees. The horses in this area are also well adapted to high altitudes too, giving riders the opportunity to venture through places that are less trod.


For those who want to experience their piece of paradise, riders can enjoy a ride on wild beaches, tropical jungles, and a wildlife sanctuary at Cuixmala. It has stables designed by French architect Robert Couturier and is home to a wide range of horses to accommodate different kinds of riders. The area has 30,000 acres of private beaches, giving equestrians lots of room to move around. After days of riding, you can go ahead and do other fun-filled activities, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing.

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